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Powerful delegation and policy control for Office 365

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The Problem with delegation in Office 365

An adoption-centric focus
Managing hybrid environments is very difficult. PowerShell is the only option.
Pre-defined date ranges
The Office 365 portal is not designed for grouping or delegation
Visibility issues
Managing multiple tenants is also challenging, involving multiple browsers and interfaces
Microsoft advise a maximum of 5 Global Admins to reduce risk, but this increases workload over a smaller set of admins.

The solution

Delegation and policy control (DPC) in Nova

SaaS solution that acts as a proxy to both the on-premises environment as well as the cloud environment. The tool streamlines Office 365 administration and simplify tenant (or multi-tenant) management.

Bring existing OUs to Office 365

Bringing the familiar ideas of hierarchical on-premises Active Directory Organizational Units and Group Policy Objects to Office 365, DPC saves time and money by allowing IT administrators to securely delegate control of Office 365 actions to unprivileged users in the company.

Manage hybrid environments in one place

The solution is able to manage both on-premises platforms and Office 365 workloads in a single interface.

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